The wallet. Reinvented.


Carry your cards and cash in a new way with the Fireti Omega titanium wallet.


50% smaller than an average billfold wallet, it carries everything you need in a luxury titanium package.



























Attention to detail

Solid titanium plates of the Omega feature a deep polished engraving design which reflects light from all angles resulting in a truly mesmerising 3D effect.  When combined with the satin hand finished flat surfaces and matte blasted edges, the result is a trio of surface finishes and attention to detail only seen in the most exclusive luxury hand made products.


Stainless steel torx screws protrude from the surface of the wallet a fraction of a millimetre protecting the surface from scratches by acting as landing gear every time you lay your wallet down.  Hard wearing EPDM rubber o-rings adapt to the contents of your wallet ensuring your cards and cash are always held securely whether you choose to carry just a couple of cards or ten.  Teflon lines the inner surfaces of the wallet making access to your cards silky smooth.


Did we mention it will also open your beer?




















About Fireti

Fireti products are designed, machined and hand crafted by Gregory Venters in Scotland, UK.  If it has the Fireti name on it you can be sure Gregory has personally made it.

Gregory's love for design, craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through with each and every product he creates.


"I want to thank every single one of my customers this past year.  It has been an incredible journey for me since the launch of the Omega wallet on Kickstarter.  Your interest and enthusiasm for my work continues to overwhelm me.  Making these products for you is a genuine pleasure.  Thank you!"
Gregory Venters














A wallet as individual as you.

































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